I was recently asked what I've learned about parenting from John. This was my response:

           "As I've watched my husband father our 5 children for almost 19 years, I have learned a lot about parenting that is unique to him. John has a way of teaching that is gentle, yet deliberate, that reaches our children far better than the constant reminding that happens in the daily routines of our busy family life. When he has a concern, he finds a quiet time to sit down and talk with that child. It’s the one on one time he takes that makes the difference. Although his many responsibilities sometimes limit the time he has with our children, John makes a point of connecting with each of them at the end of the day, scratching their backs, asking them how their day was and telling them a story, personal or scriptural, from memory. It's amazing how well even the teens respond to him when he's scratching their backs. 

         I think the most important thing I'm learning from him is taught by overhearing these conversations: the lesson of seeking forgiveness.  When it has been a rough parenting day, John will sit on the edge of the child’s bed and explain that even though as parents we try hard, we aren't perfect. He explains that as a family we are sometimes learning things for the first time together. He apologizes if he got upset or said the wrong thing and asks for forgiveness. I'm still learning this from him. It takes a humble dad, a humble man, to do that and I love him for it." 

Part of my response was used in an article by Heidi Smith Luedtke, Ph.D. She sent me an email several weeks later to let me know where it would be published.
Here's the list!
Montgomery Parents (Alabama)
Little Rock Family (Arkansas)
Austin Family (Texas)
Space City Parent (Houston, Texas)
Broward Family (Florida)
Eastern Shore Parents (Alabama)
Simply Family (Montana)
Volusia Parent (Florida)
Flagler Parent (Florida)
Atlanta Parent (Georgia)

Isn't that exciting?? I'm so pleased I get to share a little bit of John with so many families!